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From our most recent Ripple Effect Mastermind Event on the Gold Coast:


“Rachel Dunn and Michael Hole what you have created is just incredible highly recommend this course to anyone interested in using video to enhance their business.” – Julie Williams – CEO of Ag Solutions.

Top Row (L-R) – Sophia Fuller, Carolyne Brennan, Kelli Boucher, Natasha Phillips, Kate, Jasmyne Mumme, Diane Gato, Fiona Davy, Rachel Dunn, Julie Williams, Melanie Dennis Diane Langham, Deanne Mathews, Vicki Hansen; Bottom Row (L-R) – Alison Oborn, Kag Allwood, Deanna Williamson, Jada De Goey Teatini-Climaco, Donna Storey, Leah Storey, Lerida Grant, Patricia Sami, Madison Eve, Shannon Godwin, Christine Gaby, Rachel Tapscott; Front: Michael Hole








And from previous 3 Day Ripple Effect Mastermind Events…

MM Event Oct Group
Testimonials MM Event


Dr Tash is an awesome, progressive thinking Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist. ie. She helps women to conceive babies, either by IVF, through natural means or through other secret medical techniques (you can tell I’m not a doctor)…

Dr Tash came to Girl Director to learn how to set up her own Dr Tash TV channel full of fun, informative and extremely useful videos for helping women to conceive. She took our 3 Month Video Power program and she’s been making better and better videos ever since. She’s got heaps of videos on her channel already!

We love the way she talks about all the medical and health things you need to know. Being a super smart MD, she isn’t afraid to talk about all the real life gooey stuff women need to deal with when it comes to sex and fertility. So if you want to conceive a child and love the Embarrassing Bodies kind of show (though her stuff is not so gross LOL!), then check out her channel at:
Dr Tash TV

And if YOU want to learn how to make videos like Dr Tash, and more importantly, how to market your business with them, then get in contact with us now at: Video Planning Session


We have loved watching Mal and Neil create the Powapass and are thrilled to be involved in helping them with their video to show the world. Thrilled at the results and how the video has helped them Pre- sell the product around Australia and the world.

We made the Pre-Launch Video for these guys back in October 2014. Here’s the link:

And now, with hundreds of Pre-Sales in the bag, Mal and Neil are heading off to China to get the first load of this fantastic product sent off to the four corners of the globe. It is so exciting to see what a good video and a good product can do for you.

If you know of anyone who’d love one of these great Soccer products, then get in contact with Mal Tomlinson directly at: The Powasports Website

If you want to talk to us about making videos like what we’ve done for Mal and Neil, or if you want to learn how to make such videos for yourself, then contact us via: Video Planning Session


We loved working with Alba Gomez. She’s a woman of such class and style who makes a massive difference to the poise, looks and self esteem of so many women, whether in business, the corporate world or Mums who want to love their wardrobe. Our own Rachel of Girl Director has even used her services, and it’s been a revelation in how to make dressing and styling a lot less stressful than it was before. Alba already had a nicely established business when she met us, but through working with us she has re-branded, created heaps of videos, marketing strategies, sales funnels and is continuing to grow much faster using the power of video!


“Ok … so I want to publicly share my gratitude to Rachel & Michael for their continued encouragement, support, guidance, interest and care in helping me to push through boundaries in order to create my version of an online programme. I started a 40 day challenge using Facebook as my medium, and I have 9 people signed up for it. I am more inspired every day with creative ideas to enhance my video material. I love & hate the hours of prep in finding the right spot to film but also thriving on knowing what to look for and not being satisfied with an average shot. The spool of trials I have sitting on my phone … sound check, light check, height, focus … OMG! The 2 of you have listened to my fears, wiped away my crazy tears and held my hand energetically through this roller coaster ride! You are masters in your field and I’m exceptionally blessed to work with you both xxx
— Amanda Erlank, Kinected Pilates Studio


Tara and Russell of Outback Australian Camels started working with us last year and it’s been so great to see how their business and video content has grown since then, in so many ways… Their videos, their marketing, their profits, their bottom line. Their cameleer online training program is going brilliantly, and the Charity Camel Trek they ran recently to raise money to end child slavery was such an inspiration. We’ve loved working with Tara and Russell, and can’t wait to see how they continue to grow.


Tamara recently completed our Video Residential Program and as you can hear, she got heaps more out of it than she expected… And what she doesn’t say here (as she’s being quite modest) is she is in fact a powerhouse of entrepreneurialism, if there’s such a word! Not only is Tamara building a really state of the art, transformational HR business run by mums on their terms, but she also as 2 small children, her husband and her run a farm, they are in the process of setting up a brewery and she has a couple of online business interests… That was all going on before we met her, and now she’s taking on video and the internet marketing knowledge we’ve given her by the horns! Don’t worry, she’s not stressed about it all. Tamara is cool as a cucumber! Just watch this space…


If you’re struggling to get out there and video isn’t on your radar of things to do with your marketing, then hear about Kerri and what she went through to get to where she is now. With an awesome, unique business that has relied on trading her valuable time for money, she was not tech savvy at all. Now she’s embracing video and all the tech tools to grow her business online. Now she’s creating more of the lifestyle she loves, is getting her unique message out there and changing the lives of more and more people globally.

Check out more of Kerri at


When Tamara came to us she was already an experienced Videographer and Editor, running her business filming weddings and assorted video productions. She wanted to learn the art of business and marketing herself online, while also taking her filming and editing skills to the next level. She got all that and heaps more than she expected… She discovered her real passion, who she really is and how much she loves performing in front of the camera. She’s a real dynamo as you’ll see on her YouTube Channel Her business is evolving more and more these days as she’s all about getting In The Flow…


Helen Sweeney has recently completed our Video Power program, and as you can see she’s getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera – and not just with the assistance of champagne! LOL. Not only that, she is also well on the way to getting her own online program up and running. You should see what she has planned! With all of her experience she has masses to offer her lucky clients.

And in case you are wondering… THIS VIDEO WAS CREATED TOTALLY ON THE IPHONE – from start to finish – that is the filming, sound, music, editing and publishing to YouTube!


Testimonial Suzanna

Testimonial Sue and Shonah

Testimonial Danielle

Testimonial Lucy

Testimonial Alba


Stacey has recently finished the Video Power online program, which included our 2 day workshop here at our Noosa studios. The results she’s getting since then are even better.


Jo Muirhead owner of
Purple Co & Business Of 1


Kerri Chinner“I have just spent the past few days with the most amazing people – Rachel Dunn and Michael Hole of Girl Director at their stunning home and training space in Noosa. I spent the days learning, laughing – and yes, even crying! – as I created my bigger vision for Inner Essence Holistic Therapy utilising video.
Rachel and Michael are 2 of the most integrous human beings I have ever met – which funnily enough, THAT alone is enough…..however, coupled with their unending knowledge re: film and video (and all that that entails), their undying commitment to having us ‘get’ what we came for and their infinite patience, care and love – I would recommend for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level to work with Girl Director NOW!!! Their training programmes are available online, AND in-person intensives (held in a paradise-like location). So, wherever you are in the world, you can avail yourselves of these gorgeous people who just LOVE to make a difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rachel and Michael for being who you are!! Love you both lots.”

Kerri Chinner – Inner Essence Holistic Therapy


Alba splash“I have been working with them [Rachel and Michael] for almost 3 months. I was very scared to start with, it was a big investment of my money and time…

I couldn’t be happier of the decision I made! The both have been amazing, very supportive, very very helpful and have learnt more than I expected -they have exceeded my expectations -A LOT. During this time I have created a 7 day challenge -daily videos that look very professional, I am on my way to dart creating my 8 week online program. The whole marketing strategy is in place. I am confident with creating and editing my videos and even the landing pages. My Facebook fans have gone up by more than 200 fans, I have learnt about Facebook ads, everyone says they are seeing me all the time and how great are the things I am creating.

I couldn’t recommended highly enough! They are fantastic. Their help and support goes much further than just creating videos, they are even there for the days you feel like not doing anymore or feel lost. As you can see I absolutely love them!”

Alba Gomez – Alba Gomez Image Consulting


You can’t get a better testimonial than this! Rachel directed two music videos for Vanessa Amorosi including ‘Spin’ and her massive world wide hit, ‘Shine’. We shot some footage of the action on set and got the low down from Vanessa and legend Mark Holden on what it’s like working with Rachel from Girl Director.


                  “So excited…Mark just brought back from our mail box my new bits and pieces for my new studio…woohoo! Screens are up. Just waiting for my lights and my camera…once it’s set up…I will post and share what my new studio looks like…so excited how its all coming together. I think the fact of knowing that the studio is ready to roll whenever I feel like it is comforting. If I want to do a quick video…boom!! I just step in, lights, camera…ACTION!! I never thought in a million years I would ever be doing this! EVER! You were lucky to even catch me in my own family pics…boy haven’t I changed in the past 4 weeks… didn’t see it coming but so glad I’m here x My kids are loving that I’m getting more involved in photos and videos. xxx”

Suzanna Commisso Graczer
owner of Taekwondo 4u


Photo posted on Facebook by someone who’d just watched our first video challenge…

Testimonial Post it quote


When Rachel worked at Seven Design she designed and directed the opening titles of
All Saints season 7. Here’s some great comments we found posted on YouTube:

Youtube Comments All Saints

And here’s the titles they’re talking about…


S—– D—-, the woman whom you met for the BigPond opener, really likes the opening titles…’f***ing gorgeous’, was the quote.

We’ll catch up one day soon for that beer!



Testimonial Boby Slayer


Hi Rachel,

Thank you very much.
You are an angel.

I need YOU!!!

I love energy healing and need to get it out there. Your words make me stronger and believing in myself again. BIG thank you!!!!

Love working with you already.

Marketa Berryman


Hi Rachel,
Just a quick email to let you know that everyone loves the designs for both the packaging and the posters.

Everyone thought that they looked fantastic and we really appreciate the skills and art that has gone into your designs. We are all very impressed!


P.S. The final superman cover is absolutely stunning! Youve done a fantastic job. Thanks so much! 🙂

DOG METRO – Package Designs


Hey Rach and Wheelers,

As you may already be aware Makin Memories is on the newly released best of CMC DVD 2007.
The kudos lives long from a job well done!! KEVIN DWYER

(and here’s the clip)